One Another (2013-present)

In 2013, I spent a good portion of the spring and summer months meeting people and creating art with them through a mobile project called One Another.  I designed and built the project on a bicycle trailer which I tour around to city parks, basketball courts, and pick-up soccer fields in search of people to connect with.

Through One Another, people volunteer themselves to be drawn, and sometimes engage in the act of drawing themselves.  They sit directly across from me at a small desk and I draw their portrait using Chinese ink and brushes.  During that time, we engage in a variety of conversations.  They rage from favorite super heroes, sports people like to play, fun family activities, safe hangout spots, life travels, and at times deeply personal revelations.  The process establishes a simple, yet unique opportunity for connection between two individuals.


You may have come across this project, in a park, near a basketball court, a public library, or somewhere in out your community.  You may have also sat down with me and spent a short amount of time creating some art together.  If so, your picture will be displayed and be available for download from this website.  If you do not see your picture, please check back in a few days.

One Another is available for hire via READY GO

Author: hapa9

My creative practice includes drawing, painting, graphic storytelling, network technology, public participation, and community land stewardship. I believe that art and creativity can serve as a critical catalyst for social and political change by engaging people in deliberative dialogue, illuminating concealed stories, building cross-sector platforms, and advancing agency and equity.

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