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Hanabata Days

BOOK RELEASE: Hanabata Days Pages: 160 full color Dimensions: 6.625×10.25 inches, Paperback: Perfect Bound Year: 2022 ISBN978-0-578-29098-0 Copyright © Michael Hoyt, 2022 – All rights reserved.

Free The Deeds

Free the Deeds is a Minneapolis-wide public art project that will illuminate our common history and offer a path to repair.

Mississippi. An Anthropocene River

Field Station 1. Sediment. Settlement. Sentiment: The Machinic River.  A discussion with artists Dameun Strange, Molly Van Avery, Michael Hoyt about Returning The River – moderated by Sarah Peters. Sponsored by #anthroriver

A River and Longing

Graphic novel release and exhibition.  Third Place Gallery, Minneapolis MN