things that come and go

things that come and go


The One Another project is now available for rent through Springboard for the Arts “Ready Go” program.  You can learn more about it on their Ready Go website. Another


The Rolling Revelry 3.1 returned for the Powderhorn24 race, and to venture into new territories.  This was the most exciting and adventurous session to date and gave us encouragement to go further distances.






The Rolling Revelry 3.0 kicked off on Friday the 25th.  We had a great turn out along the Greenway near Hennepin Avenue.  We decided to hit a more densely populated area because our crew was pretty small.  Big shout out to Straw Beans for helping out all night, throwing down a mean break on through to the other side, and for getting me home safely.



Kenny threw down some smooth Temptations while waiting for the bus.  A good start to the night.  I think i’ll keep the trailer loaded up with gear for a August session.



Free broadsheet posters for the neighborhood.

PPN broadsheets





I was recently asked by the incredibly talented artist (and long time friend) Ed Bok Lee to create a short video translation of one of his poems as part of his exhibition Metatranslations at the American Swedish Institute.  Ed is a resident artist at the American Swedish Institute through Coffee House Press’ Readers and Writers Library Residencies program.

Bok Lee uses these stories, written in Swedish, as an incubator for new creative works, drawing on their form and typographic appearance. The original poems and letters are never translated into English, offering Bok Lee a creative platform on which to build a ghostly scaffolding of the original.

I was given the following poem as my assignment to further the translation process one additional iteration.



God stacks His sadness; sadnesses are the cathedrals of men.

At dusk wandering empty halls, we in the auburn dream.

A guarded National Museum of the soul’s vanities.

When at last you locate the object you once desired, and still do;

That for which you longed to risk all, and still would. . .

It won’t budge. As always you knew.

There is a door, a skylight.

And someone else’s truth.

-Ed Bok Lee

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I was recently asked to create a blog post on behalf of the Pillsbury House and Theatre for the Theatre Communications Group blog.  We are engaging public art and social practice artists to reach people in our immediate community whom are traditionally disconnected from professional theatre.




I have another round of Poho Posit paintings started based on new E-democracy posts from people in the neighborhood.  I have decided that I mostly enjoy making evening winter paintings, maybe because they are more muted and have less color to wrestle with (lazy painter).  I am starting to realize that these are really history paintings of a sort, kind of micro moments or slices of history from a very small area.  It feels good to be back to painting in oil again even though its really making the house heavy with fumes.


I am putting the Jerome work on stasis until next summer.  The exhibition has come down and I’ve packed up the trailer until the warm weather returns.  My goal is to revisit the project over the next few years and continue to develop the work. I truly enjoyed hanging out and meeting people in the parks and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again.

During the winter I will be revisiting the PohoPosit project and developing a new series of video paintings based on recent posts on the Powderhorn Neighborhood E-democracy forum.  I see this as my winter specific project that will keep me painting regularly during the cold closed in months.

One recent opportunity came to include the paintings from the previous PohoPosit work in a show/sale at the Third Place Gallery.  The show is up until Dec. 11th and features some of my favorite local artists.

IMG_20131121_232921 IMG_20131125_164740


One of other side projects I started in 2013 was a very informal mural project with my neighbors.  I am managing a project called Art Blocks that funded 12 artists/artist teams to do projects with their immediate neighbors in Bryant, Bancroft, Powderhorn, and Central neighborhoods in South Minneapolis.  I decided to do a parallel project along with the cohort of 12 so that I could experience the co-creative process they were engaging in with the people on their blocks.  My project ended up being a simple growth chart painted on our 33rd Street fence.



It started late in the season so we did not fully complete the project and I will have to invite people out to finish the project in the spring when it becomes warm enough to paint again.  I am curious to see how much the kids grew and if families will mark growth for years to come.



a longstanding and fulfilling relationship…

One of my childhood hobbies, well obsessions really, was reading comics.  In fact, the world of comics was probably the most significant factor in me becoming an adult artist.  During my childhood my father and I would visit the local comic shop monthly as part of our every-other-weekend together routine.  He would let me pick up a small stack of my favorite comics and then I would spend the next weeks painstakingly trying to redraw the panels  starting with pencil and then cross hatched pen and ink.  I still have two bulging cardboard boxes lined with individually sleeved superhero comics somewhere in my basement.  To this day my so called “collection” would not fetch a grand monetary prize, yet its probably had as much influence on my technical facility as a drawer than 4 years of undergraduate studies.

But what I really wanted to write about was that even though the world of masked superheros, mutants and villains had faded post middle school, It was not until I hit my early 20’s that I rediscovered an enduring love of comics, or more specifically a particular comic: Love and Rockets (*more specifically the stories and artwork of the brilliant Jamie Hernandez).

The truly challenging thing about this longstanding affair is that for most of the 20+ years I’ve read L&R, it was a quarterly release.  This required patience, dedication, and an internal clock to remind myself to roll on down to Big Brain every few months to see if a new issue of L&R was on the shelf.  And then in 2008 the Los Bros Hernandez moved to an annual trade paperback format which made it an even longer wait. But I have to admit that even though I wish for more frequent contact with my beloved L&R characters, I actually prefer the new book format over the quarterlies.

Which brings me to New Stories #3 and New Stories #4.  The two back to back stories “the Love Bunglers” and “Browntown” were so emotionally powerful that I actually wept while reading them.  I can’t say that I have ever been moved so profoundly by a comic, or ever will be again for that matter.  I’m not sure why it moved me so much.  Maybe because the characters are following a timeline similar to my own real life timeline.  Obviously some of the power comes from the fact that as a reader I have a 20+ year investment in the character developments and story arc.  But wow, the only other time in recent memory I’ve such a moving experience with a fictional story was while watching season 4 of the Wire.


I hope to continually post random art things that have occurred or that I’ve been involved with in this thread.

August 2013

Common Room Karaoke Tour

For the fifth year, Sergio Vucci and Andy Sturdevant will be leading Common Room, a series of artist-led tours originating at The Soap Factory. This year, we’ll be heading out in a 1953 Twin Cities Rapid Transit chartered bus into Minneapolis and St. Paul. Seating is limited, advanced tickets recommended.

The Minneapolis Karaoke Tour
Join Common Room for a singalong bus tour of noted karaoke venues around the Twin Cities. We’ll meet each venue’s KJ and some of the regular singers. Each venue has its own character and culture, and attendees will experience this through the singers’ performances. Singing is not required, but attendees will have ample opportunities to perform in-between stops. Hosted by artist Mike Hoyt of the Art Shanty Project’s Norae Bang and the Arts on Chicago Project.

Kick off the Karaoke tour between 5:30 – 6:30 at The Soap Factory. We’ll have a cash bar with beer & a portable summer cocktail. A mobile version of the bar will come with us on the karaoke bus. Please bring cash.

More information about Common Room:


Hoyt PlayList 2013