Work in Progress

I am currently developing a graphic novel that explores themes of ambiguous loss, transracial adoption diaspora, ancestral longing and (dis)belonging, and reunification.  I hope to have this completed and self published in late 2018.

I grew up reading and collecting comics, and I would have to credit the sequential art form of graphic storytelling as one of the greatest influences on my childhood desire to become an artist.  Now in my late 40’s, I continue to read and follow comics and find inspiration from independent comic artists. Yet, throughout my career, I never pursued illustration or attempted to create a comic until now.

Author: hapa9

My creative practice includes drawing, painting, graphic storytelling, network technology, public participation, and community land stewardship. I believe that art and creativity can serve as a critical catalyst for social and political change by engaging people in deliberative dialogue, illuminating concealed stories, building cross-sector platforms, and advancing agency and equity.

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