Small series work

Small series work


Selected drawings from the Art Shanty Projects and Norae Shanty Singers. 2007-2009


A series of mini oil paintings on model cast with vinyl graphic. 2009.


During a 6 month period in 2009, I set up a weekly drawing station at a small table in YouthLink’s drop-in center for homeless teens. I set up two drawing stations facing one another to invite youth to sit and draw me as I drew them. The materials were simply watercolor paper, chinese ink and grinding stone, and brushes. Each drawing took approximately 20-30 minutes in which we simply looked, drew each other, and talked to one another. Although I had worked in the drop-in center for 11 years, in most cases neither I or the youth had ever been introduced to each prior to drawing each other. In the end, I scanned the drawings and gave each of them the original. Thank you; Ashley, Ashley2, Batman, Ezra, Jamal, James, Jordin, KeKe, Lordy, ManMan, Ouhwee, Tricey, and Wookie.