Comfort Food 2003

Comfort Food 2003

Comfort Food

Oil on fiberglass, audio loop of Korean’s and Korean Adoptees singing karaoke, wall installation.

Comfort Food was exhibited at the Soo Visual Arts Center conceived specifically for Midwestern artists, the lengthy and harsh winters particularly conducive to creating art as a means of catharsis. The word comfort is derived from the Late Latin word confortare, meaning, “to strengthen greatly”. To give strength and hope to, or to ease the grief or pain of—comfort creates a feeling that surpasses the original and satisfies the body’s proper needs.

These artists have responded to the very natural human desire to create an environment that is comfortable.

Artists: Alison Gerber, Suzy Greenberg. Jean Humke, Michael Hoyt, Helena Keeffe, John Knuth, Lucky Pierre,  Andrea Petrini, Christopher Salveter